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New Ideas and Fresh Energy....

From senior management to inside and outside sales, product managers, operations personnel, our purchasing department and more - our clients can count on everyone at Leepak to provide superior customer service. With the perfect combination of highly experienced personnel and young, talented individuals who bring new ideas and fresh energy - we have the people and capabilities to continue meeting the changing needs of our customers well into the future.

Professional and experienced reflects the mindset of our company, it is what we stand for and what we practice and deliver every day. It is the common language in our organisation. It has been our strength since day one. It is the foundation for an even greater future that will lead to new growth paths. And it provides us with a focus when we review, recruit, coach and develop our talents. We believe that tong-term value creation can only be achieved by maintaining a company culture that embraces transparency and trust. We stimulate and protect a culture where people feel the need - and feel safe - to speak up and act with integrity.




We inspire people, we think and move quickly and lead by example. No matter how big the problem or opportunity is, when we say “we got this”, we won’t let go until there is nothing left to learn. At Leepak, we are the essential cog in the wheel.


With a combined total of more than 25 years of experience, our team members possess extensive knowledge of plastic bag – as well as specific knowledge of the industries we serve. In addition, most of our management and sales staff have undergone extensive factory training.


Mutiple Languages: English, Chinese, French...



Graduated in the top 3 highest ranking university in Vietnam about technical as well as economic sectors.



Every compaint, suggestion or request from customer is a useful advice that makes us constantly improve everyday.



Each person has a different and respected view on culture, lifestyle, but always towards a common goal of bringing the best value to customer.




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